Aska, Wanabe
Bell, William
Bosson, Victor
Bouchard, David
Browne, Penny Leong
Campbell, Ken
Chan, Harvey
Chow, Lily
Choy, Wayson
Goto, Hiromi
Huang, Evelyn
Huang, Zhong-Yang
Ito, Sally
Jeffery, Lawrence
Kim, Jaihiun
Kitigawa, Muriel
Kiyooka, Roy
Kobayashi, Cassandra
Lai, Trevor
Lang, Catherine
Langston, Laura
Lau, Evelyn
Lawson, Julie
Lee, Bennett
Lee, SKY
Lim, Sim
Mah, Roy
Miki, Roy
Nguyen, Minh Thanh
Pandher, Harmohanjit Singh 
Parkin, Andrew
Quan, Andy
Sakamoto, Kerri
Shemie, Bonnie
Shikatani, Gerry
Takashima, Shizuye
Tjia, Sherwin
Vuong-Riddick, Thuong
Wah, Fred
Wakayama, Tamio
Watada, Terry
Wong, Laurence
Wong-Chu, Jim
Wong, Rita
Woo, Terry
Xiong, Gu
Yee, Paul
Zhang, Song Nan

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